SystemX FALL Conference: Nov 14-16, 2017

SystemX Fall Conference
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 8:00am to Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 12:00pm
Abstract / Description: 

Tuesday, Nov 14 (Day 1) - starts with a SystemX overview given by Prof. Boris Murmann and Prof. Philip Wong, SystemX’s faculty directors.  This will be followed by overviews of our Focus Areas by their respective faculty leaders. Breakout sessions for the Bio Interfaces and Design Productivity Focus Areas will follow in the afternoon.  The day concludes with an FMA student poster session / industry mixer, reception from 4:30 -6:00 pm.

Wednesday, Nov 15 (Day 2) - begins with topical presentations on research into Machine Learning at Stanford.  The intention is to be well rounded, and present the challenges as well as the opportunities to be found in ML.  The afternoon will hold three breakout sessions for the Computation for Data Analytics, for the Heterogeneous Integration, and for the Photonic & Quantum Technologies Focus Areas, after which member company representatives will assemble for our Business Meeting.  The day concludes with the SystemX Dinner also at the Li Ka Shing Center.

Our featured speaker at dinner will be Dr. Wally Rhines, President & CEO of Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business

Thursday, Nov 16 (Day 3) - will hold two breakout sessions in the morning for the Energy/Power Management Systems, as well as, the Internet of Everything Focus Areas.   This final day will end at noon.

On Tues and Wed, the conference will be held at the Li Ka Shing Center.  The Thursday morning sessions will be held in the Allen buildings.   Please consult the preliminary agenda for more details.

Important Links:

TUESDAY, Nov. 14th - Li Ka Shing Conference Center
SystemX and Focus Area Overviews
8:00 - Continental Breakfast (Lobby)
8:45 Welcome    
9:00 SystemX Overview Profs. Murmann / Wong PDF and Video
9:15 SEED Presentation Profs. Safavi-Naeini / Arbabian PDF and Video
9:30 SEED Presentation Profs. Poon / Hu / S. Wong PDF and Video
9:45 Heterogeneous Integration Profs. Pop / Wong PDF and Video
10:00 Computation for Data Analytics Dr. Rowen PDF and Video
10:15 Photonic & Quantum Systems Prof. Vuckovic PDF and Video
10:30 - Break (30 mins)
11:00 Internet of Everything Profs. Lee / Arbabian PDF and Video
11:15 Bio Interfaces Prof. Wang PDF and Video
11:30 Energy / Power Management Systems Prof. Rivas-Davila PDF and Video
11:45 Design Productivity Prof. Horowitz PDF and Video
12:00 - Lunch (Lobby - 1 hour)
Bio Interfaces Breakout (Berg Hall B)
1:15 Droplet microfluidics for applications in single-cell studies Prof. Sindy Kam-Yan Tang, ME PDF
1:40 Virtual Skin for Remote Touch in Telemedicine Lisa Yamada, Graduate Student, EE PDF
2:05 Simultaneous profiling of DNA mutation and methylation for cancer diagnostics Dr. Giovanni Rizzi, PostDoc, MSE PDF
2:30 Biomarker-free decoders for health and disease Dr. Gozde Durmus, PostDoc, BioChem PDF
2:55 Closed-loop control of circulating drug levels in live animals Dr. Peter Mage, PostDoc, EE PDF
3:20 Break / Poster Viewing (Lobby) Students Participant List
3:45 Strategic Discussions Focus Areas Supporters  
Design Productivity Breakout (Berg Hall C)
1:15 Autoscheduling Halide Image Processing Pipeline Prof. Kayvon Fatahalian, CS PDF
1:45 Autoscheduling Deep Neural Networks for Hardware Xuan Yang, Graduate Student, EE PDF
2:15 CoreIR: LLVM for Digital Design Ross Daly, Graduate Student, CS PDF
2:45 Event-Driven FPGA Emulation of Mixed-Signal Systems Dr. Byong Chan Lim, Research Associate, EE PDF
3:15 Break / Poster Viewing (Lobby) Students Participant List
3:45 Strategic Discussions Focus Areas Supporters  
4:30-6:30 - FMA Student Poster Session / Industry Mixer (LKSC Berg Hall Lobby) Participant List
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 15th - Li Ka Shing Conference Center
8:00 - Continental Breakfast (Lobby)
8:45 Welcome and Intro Rick Bahr  
9:00 Snorkel: Beyond hand-labeled data Prof. Chris Re Video
9:30 Real-life reinforcement learning Prof. Emma Brunskill PDF and Video
10:00 - Break (30 mins)
10:30 Statistical learning under privacy constraints Prof. John Duchi PDF and Video
11:00 Fighting Black Boxes, Adversaries, and Bugs in Deep Learning Prof. Percy Liang PDF and Video
11:30 Plenary Poster Intro / Quick-fire Sessions   Participant List
12:00 - Plenary Poster Viewing and Lunch
Heterogeneous Integration Breakout (Berg Hall A)
1:15 Stacked-NanoWire FETs: Technology, Applications and Perspectives Dr. Thomas Ernst, CEA-LETI PDF
1:45 2D MoS2 Transistors Driving RRAM with a 1T1R Configuratio Dr. Rui Yang, PostDoc, EE PDF
2:00 Emerging Interconnect Technologies for Nanoelectronics Prof. Krishna Saraswat, EE PDF
2:30 Thermal Management from Portables to Power ICs Prof. Ken Goodson, ME PDF
3:00 Towards Energy Harvesters with Flexible Carbon-Based Materials Feifei Lian, Graduate Student, EE PDF
3:15 Break / Poster Viewing (Lobby) Students Participant List
4:00 Strategic Discussions Focus Area Supporters  
Computation Breakout (Berg Hall B)
1:15 NoScope: Querying videos 1,000x faster with deep learning Daniel Kang, Graduate Student, CS PDF
1:45 Kostos: A Cost-Based Optimizer for Modern Hardware Deepak Narayanan, Graduate Student, CS PDF
2:15 Spatial: A Language and Compiler for Application Accelerators David Koeplinger, Graduate Student, EE PDF
2:45 Deep Learning Accelerators Leveraging 3D Integration Mingyu Gao & William Hwang, Graduate Students, EE PDF
3:15 Break / Poster Viewing (Lobby) Students  
4:00 Strategic Discussions Focus Area Supporters  
Photonics / Quantum Breakout (Berg Hall C)
1:15 Coherent Ising Machines-Optical Neural Networks at the Quantum Limit Prof. Yoshi Yamamoto, EE PDF
1:40 Self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-correcting silicon photonic optics Prof. David Miller, EE PDF
2:05 Computational Design for Nanophotonic Structures Prof. Shanhui Fan, EE PDF
2:30 Fabrication Constrained and Robust Photonics: From Inverse Design to Implementation Prof. Jelena Vuckovic, EE PDF
2:55 New NDIR MEMS IR Gas Sensors Based on Si-Integrated Thermal Sources Dr. Salim Boutami, CEA-LETI PDF
3:15 Break / Poster Viewing (Lobby) Students Participant List
4:00 Strategic Discussions Focus Area Supporters  
4:30-5:15 Business Meeting (Member Companies - Closed Session)
5:30-6:00 Drinks / 6:00-8:30 Dinner
Dinner Speaker – Wally Rhines, Ph.D., President & CEO of Mentor (a Siemens business)
PDF and Video
THURSDAY, Nov. 16th - Paul G. Allen Building
8:00 - Continental Breakfast (Allen 101X auditorium lobby entrance)
Energy/Power Management Systems Breakout (Linvill 101 - Allen Bldg.)
9:00 Output capacitance losses in power semiconductors in high-frequency power converters Grayson Zulauf, Graduate Student, EE PDF
9:30 Very-High-Frequency Resonant DC-DC Converter with Synchronous Rectification for Variable Load Operation Lei Gu, Graduate Student, EE PDF
10:00 FPGA-based Dynamic Duty Cycle and Frequency Controller for a Class-E2 DC-DC Converter Sanghyeon Park, Graduate Student, EE PDF
10:30 TBD Prof. Ram Rajagopal, CEE  
11:00 Break / Poster Viewing (Patio Area) Students  
11:30 Strategic Discussions Focus Area Supporters  
Internet of Everything (IoE) Breakout (Allen 101X)
9:00 Edge Intelligence Dr. Ali Keshavarzi, Visiting Scholar, EE PDF
9:30 IoT Security: Latest Research Results on Secure Circuit Attacks and Possible Countermeasures Dr. Emilio Strinati, CEA-LETI PDF
10:00 Safely and Efficiently Programming a 64kB computer Prof. Phil Levis, CS PDF
10:30 Wirelessly Powering Next-Generation IoE Devices Angad Rekhi, Graduate Student, EE PDF
11:00 Break / Poster Viewing (Patio Area) Students Participant List
11:30 Strategic Discussions Focus Area Supporters