The SystemX Alliance

The Stanford SystemX Alliance is a collaboration between Stanford University and member industrial firms to produce world-class research and Ph.D. graduates with a view to enabling truly ubiquitous sensing, computing and communication with embedded intelligence. Previously known as the Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), SystemX emphasizes application-driven, system-oriented research. Its areas of interest include hardware and software at all levels of the system stack from materials and devices to systems and applications in electronics, networks, energy, mobility, bio-interfaces, sensors, and other real-world domains. SystemX Focus Areas, Ph.D. fellowships, and knowledge exchange programs draw on the unique strengths of the university and industry to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of both.

Stanford SystemX Alliance Programs

Our programs are structured to maximize efficiency for our industry partners. SystemX provides options through which the focus areas can be effectively coordinated and managed. Program options include:

  1.  (FMA) Fellow-Mentor-Advisor
    • Attributes of the FMA include one-to-one project mapping in that the Fellow, Mentor and Advisor will focus on a specific project, working closely to achieve the desired outcomes. This program is ideal for small-scale engagement with a specific faculty member who will jointly define the project with the corporate mentor.
  2. Headlights Program
    • ​​SystemX leaders charged with the exploration of unknown territory in both industry and academia. Structured and detailed feedback is provided to affiliate sponsors within the Headlights Program.
  3. Focus Area Research.
    • The Focus Area Research program is designed to leverage knowledge that bridges research topics. This program, for example, would allow an affiliate to sponsor two or more projects, leveraging the research and knowledge across and throughout SystemX. Focus area research creates coherent thrusts that maximize synergy among multiple projects.
  4. Research Token
    • SystemX works with company to identify a specific Stanford University research area to be supported with a portion of their membership fee.