RFP: SystemX Alliance & Precourt Institute for Energy

SystemX is partnering with the Precourt Institute for Energy to invite Stanford faculty to submit proposals for new research focused on tackling the urgent and important problems in information technology energy consumption. 

Further details on RFP scope, how to apply, and the proposal selection process can be found here: RFP Details.

SystemX Alliance

Stanford SystemX Alliance is a collaboration between Stanford University and member industrial firms to produce world-class research and Ph.D. graduates with a view to enabling truly ubiquitous sensing, computing and communication with embedded intelligence. Read more...

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SystemX Focus Areas

  • AMEND: Advanced materials enabling novel devices | DETAILS
  • Bio Interfaces: Transformative technologies for healthcare | DETAILS
  • Computation for Data Analytics: Optimizing application, architecture & technology | DETAILS
  • Design Productivity:  Improving critical area productivity | DETAILS
  • Energy/Power Management Systems: Efficient energy power supply | DETAILS
  • Heterogeneous Integration: Bridging everything into anything | DETAILS
  • Internet of Everything: Universal connectivity of devices and systems | DETAILS
  • Photonic and Quantum Technologies: More efficient devices and systems; optics | DETAILS
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Developing AI-enabled robots and autonomous systems that safely interact with humans | DETAILS




With the U.S. poised to invest $50 billion in chip technologies, researchers prepare to create an infrastructure to accelerate how lab discoveries become practical technologies.
A man who is unable to move or speak can now generate words and sentences on a computer using only his thoughts.
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