Research Focus Areas

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  • Bio Interfaces: Transformative technologies for healthcare | DETAILS
  • Design Productivity:  Improving critical area productivity | DETAILS
  • Energy/Power Management Systems: Efficient energy power supply | DETAILS
  • Heterogeneous Integration: Bridging everything into anything | DETAILS
  • Internet of Everything: Universal connectivity of devices and systems | DETAILS
  • Photonic and Quantum Technologies: More efficient devices and systems; optics | DETAILS
  • Computation for Data Analytics: Optimizing application, architecture & technology | DETAILS

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Working toward the development of nanoscale lasers and quantum technologies that might someday enable conventional computers to communicate faster and more securely using light instead of electricity.
Advanced computer technology could help doctors prepare for operations and detect early cancer recurrences.
Work being done in the Pop Lab shows that molybdenum disulfide makes for superlative single transistors