SystemX Alliance 2024 Spring Workshop

April 16, 2024

Stanford Alumni Center, McCaw Hall


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SystemX Alliance

Stanford SystemX Alliance is a collaboration between Stanford University and member industrial firms to produce world-class research and Ph.D. graduates with a view to enabling truly ubiquitous sensing, computing and communication with embedded intelligence. Read more...

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SystemX Focus Areas

  • AMEND: Advanced materials enabling novel devices | DETAILS
  • Bio Interfaces: Transformative technologies for healthcare | DETAILS
  • Computation for Data Analytics: Optimizing application, architecture & technology | DETAILS
  • Design Productivity:  Improving critical area productivity | DETAILS
  • Energy/Power Management Systems: Efficient energy power supply | DETAILS
  • Heterogeneous Integration: Bridging everything into anything | DETAILS
  • Internet of Everything: Universal connectivity of devices and systems | DETAILS
  • Photonic and Quantum Technologies: More efficient devices and systems; optics | DETAILS
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Developing AI-enabled robots and autonomous systems that safely interact with humans | DETAILS




A new advance by Stanford engineers could lead to particle accelerators being widely available in science, medicine, and industry.
Stanford researchers have developed a new phase-change memory that could help computers process large amounts of data faster and more efficiently.
From space robots to self-driving cars, Stanford’s Autonomous Systems Lab looks to push the boundaries of exploration and boost the safety and efficiency of everyday tasks.