SAVE THE DATE - SystemX November Conference - Nov. 10-12, 2020

SystemX November Conference - Nov. 10-12, 2020
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 8:00am to Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 5:00pm
Virtual Webinar
Abstract / Description: 

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event will now be held virtually. Please check back on this page for any updates or contact us for more information.

**This is a preliminary agenda and is subject to change**

Design Productivity
(Leads: Profs. Mark Horowitz & Boris Murmann)
01 Title TBD Florian Lonsing, Research Engineer
Computer Science
02 Title TBD Saranyu Chattopadhyay, MS Student
Electrical Engineering
03 Title TBD Po-Hsuan Wei, PhD Student
Electrical Engineering
04 Title TBD Shane Barratt, PhD Student
Electrical Engineering
05 Title TBD Fraser Brown, PhD Student
Computer Science
06 Title TBD Keyi Zhang, PhD Student
Computer Science
07 Title TBD Steven Herbst, PhD Student
Electrical Engineering
08 Title TBD Gedeon Nyengele, PhD Student
Electrical Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
(Leads: Profs. Grace Gao & Monroe Kennedy)
01 Error-resilient planning and optimizatin for multi-agent autonomous systems Prof. Dorsa Sadigh, CS & EE, and Prof. Mert Pilanci, EE
02 Robots that Learn to be Safe Prof. Chelsea Finn
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
03 Interactive Haptic simulation and robot teleportation Prof. Oussama Khatib
Computer Science (Director, Robotics Laboratory)
04 Title TBD Prof. Jeannette Bohg
Computer Science
05 Title TBD Prof. Monroe Kennedy
Mechanical Engineering