2015 Headlights Workshop on Computing After Moore/Dennard Scaling: Heterogeneous, Distributed and Pervasive

Computing After Moore/Dennard Scaling: Heterogeneous, Distributed and Pervasive
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 9:00am to Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 4:55pm
Cypress Semiconductor Auditorium; Paul G. Allen Bldg
Abstract / Description: 
DAY 1 • Technical Program
8:45-9:00 Welcome H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford)  PDF
9:00 Keynote: The Future of Computing Bob Colwell (independent) PDF
Session: Today's Silicon
Chair: Mark Horowitz (Stanford)
10:15 Keeping an Exponential for a Very Long Time Suma Detta (Penn) PDF
10:45 RAM Technology Today Bob Brennan (Samsung) NA
11:15 Interconnect Bandwidth Issues & 3D Stacking Liam Madden (Xilinx) PDF
Session: Large Scale Computing
Chair: Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford)
1:30 Capable ExaScale John Shalf (LBNL) PDF
2:00 Return of Special Purpose Computing Hardware Ron Dror (Stanford) PDF
2:30 Cloud Scale Computing Partha Ranganathan (Google) NA
Session: Pervasive, Distributed Computing
Chair: Rick Bahr (Stanford)
3:30 Human Centric Computing Ken Jacobsen (independent) PDF
4:00 ARM Ecosystem Evolution Dipesh Patel (ARM) PDF
4:30 Secure IOE Phil Levis (Stanford) PDF


DAY 2 • Technical Program
Session: Emerging Computing Technology
Chair: Jelena Vuckovic (Stanford)
9:00 Quantum Computing Overview John Martinis (UCSB/Google) PDF
9:30 Integrated Silicon Photonics System Ron Ho (Altera) NA
10:20 Memory devices beyond SRAM, DRAM, & Flash H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford) PDF
10:50 Nanodevices to Nanosystems: Carbon Nanotube N3XT Information Technology Subhasish Mitra (Stanford) PDF
Session: Emerging Computing Architecture
Chair: Jelena Vuckovic (Stanford)
11:40 Neuromorphic Silicon Learning Machines Gert Cauwenberghs (UCSD) PDF
12:10 TrueNorth: A Brain - Inspired Chip Paul Merolla (IBM) NA
Session: New Models in Traditional Computing
Chair: Bob Colwell (independent)
2:00 Mobile Chipset Architecture Steve Malloy (Qualcomm) NA
2:30 Life After Dennard: Loving the Picojoule Jack Choquette (Nvidia) PDF
3:00 PERFECT? Not yet... Joe Cross (DARPA) NA
4:00 Specialized, Power Efficient Acceleration Dejan Markovic (UCLA) PDF
4:30 Accelerator Architectures David Brooks (Harvard) PDF
5:00 Approximate Computing Adrian Sampson (U Washington) PDF