2016 Headlights Workshop on Connecting Ideas, Technologies and Unmet Needs in Health

Connecting Ideas, Technologies and Unmet Needs
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 12:00am to 11:55pm
Allen Extension Building, Stanford University
Abstract / Description: 

This Special Workshop in March is focused on the opportunities and the latest advances at the interface of biomedicine and emergent technologies. Our distinguished speakers are drawn both from within Stanford University (the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering) and from the larger research/practicing community beyond. Topical areas include infectious diseases, cancer, neurological diseases, and diabetes; as well as, biosensors, imaging, wearables, genome sequencing, and the data analytics supporting them.

Please look here for the WORKSHOP AGENDA.

System X Alliance: Workshop on Bio Interfaces
Neuro Stimulation/Modulation
“Wireless Bioelectronics” Ada Poon Member Content: PDF (Login required)
“Electrical Stimulation Systems for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders” Jaime Henderson Member Content: PDF (Login required)
Infectious Diseases
“Biosensor Applications for the Emerging Threat of Microbial Resistance” Joe Liao, MD Member Content: PDF (Login required)
Cancer Detection
"Precision Health and the Future of Integrated Diagnostics” Sam Gambhir, MD Member Content: PDF (Login required)
“Nanosensors for Cancer Detection and Mobile Health” Shan Wang Member Content: n/a
Wearable Tech & Imaging
“Emerging Wearable Biosensors for Personalized Medicine” Sam Emaminejad Member Content: PDF
“Microwave/Ultrasound Hybrid Systems for Imaging and Implantable Devices” Amin Arbabian Member Content: PDF (Login required)
“Flexible Wearables” Zhenan Bao Member Content: PDF (Login required)
Machine Learning & Data Analytics
“Computational Tools for RNA-Seq Data Analysis” David Tse Member Content: PDF