The Promise of AR & New Challenges for Silicon

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The Promise of AR & New Challenges for Silicon
Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Huang 018
Rob Shearer - Director of Silicon Architecture and Modeling - Facebook
Abstract / Description: 

A look at how AR & VR are evolving and some possible applications and use cases. Then we’ll review some of the key technology challenges that need to be overcome before widespread deployment of AR & VR will happen and the breakthroughs in silicon that are required to enable this future. We need substantial advancements beyond the state of the art to meet the silicon performance/power targets.


Rob is Director of Silicon Architecture and Modeling at Facebook. He leads several teams of Architects responsible for Augmented Reality.

Rob joined Facebook after six years at Microsoft as Sr. Director of Architecture, leading teams responsible for the HoloLens System Architecture; Custom Silicon Architecture across Microsoft Devices; and Performance/Power modeling within these realms.

Prior to Microsoft, Rob spent 15 years at IBM, leading Architecture and Execution teams developing silicon for products ranging from AS/400 and RS/6000; through XBOX 360; and then finally the A2 processor used in BlueGene/Q.

Rob is a prolific inventor with currently over 150 patents issued. He is a firm believer in breadth of experience across technical, business, and leadership domains as the key enabler for creative problem solving.

Outside of technology, Rob is an active member of the Alliance of Angels - an Angel investing group focused on developing and enabling startups in the Pacific Northwest.

Rob is also the Co-Owner of a CrossFit gym where he guides clients towards their personal fitness and health goals while balancing their health, work, and family.