How to Think About AI Ethics: A New, Systemic Framework

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How to Think About AI Ethics: A New, Systemic Framework
Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Zoom (Webinar)
Patrick Lin - Cal Poly
Abstract / Description: 

Link to a paper about implementing ethics as code by Chris Gerdes and Sarah Thornton at Stanford:

Ethics is often messy and chaotic—it’s hard to see the method in the madness.  In contrast to the way ethics is usually taught, this talk will offer a new framework that lays out the process or ethics workflow, in order to systematically think through the issues in technology ethics, especially AI ethics.  We will also look at a few AI case studies in applying this framework.


Patrick Lin, PhD, is the director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at Cal Poly, where he is a full philosophy professor.  He is currently affiliated with Stanford Law School, the 100 Year Study on AI, Czech Academy of Sciences, Center for a New American Security, and World Economic Forum.  Previous affiliations include: Stanford’s School of Engineering, US Naval Academy, Univ. of Notre Dame, Dartmouth, UNIDIR, and the Fulbright specialist program (Univ. of Iceland).  Prof. Lin is well published in technology ethics—incl. on AI, robotics, autonomous driving, cybersecurity, bioengineering, frontier development, nanotechnology, security technologies, and more—and is regularly invited to provide briefings on the subject to industry, media, and government.  He teaches courses in ethics, philosophy of technology, and philosophy of law, and he earned his BA from UC Berkeley and PhD from UC Santa Barbara.