Die-to-Die Parallel Interfaces for the Emerging Chiplet Market

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Die-to-Die Parallel Interfaces for the Emerging Chiplet Market
Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Hewlett 101
Elad Alon - Blue Cheetah Analog Design
Abstract / Description: 

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With the recent emergence of chiplets and package integration as the primary implementation path for further semiconductor product advancements, high-speed single-ended parallel interfaces have gained heightened attention as an attractive platform to meet the needs of die-to-die interconnects within a package. In this presentation I will describe several of the challenges and tradeoffs inherent in the design of such interfaces, highlight circuit architectures/designs to address the key bottlenecks, and propose a categorization approach for die-to-die PHYs to provide immediate insights into their target applications/technical characteristics (a la the reach categories now widely used to describe SerDes – e.g., XSR, MR, LR, etc.). Finally, I will describe our observations on the direction we believe the chiplet market is likely to evolve, and highlight how Blue Cheetah Analog Design’s solutions are enabling our customers to lead the market forward.


Elad Alon is the CEO and co-founder of Blue Cheetah Analog Design, which is leveraging a decade of research and development on generator-based design methodologies to rapidly deliver customized die-to-die interface solutions to our customers. Elad is an Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley in the EECS Department, where he was a Full Professor until Jul. 2021. He has served as an advisor or consultant to many semiconductor and electronics companies, including Lion Semiconductor (acquired by Cirrus Logic), Ayar Labs, Intel, Xilinx, Cadence, Wilocity (acquired by Qualcomm), and Cadence. He has been recognized with multiple best-paper as well as teaching awards and was elevated to the rank of IEEE Fellow in 2020.