Why Not Waferscale?

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Why Not Waferscale?
Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Hewlett 101
Bendik Kleveland - Cerebras
Abstract / Description: 

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More than fifty years ago, Fairchild Semiconductor introduced an operational amplifier designed by David Fullagar that was larger, costlier and lower-yielding than their competitor. The premise was that engineers would use it because it was easier to use. Cerebras has now introduced a larger wafer scale solution than anyone in history. It is easier to use. Will history repeat itself?


Bendik Kleveland is in charge of the wafer scale packaging at Cerebras. He proposed and implemented solutions that enabled first customer shipments and production of the CS-1 and CS-2 systems. Prior to Cerebras he has brought products from ideas to production at established companies and startups. 

Bendik received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Surrey, England. He holds 50+ patents and authored 20+ publications in the fields of memory design, regulators, oscillators, high-speed wireline and wireless communication.