Disrupting a 70-year-old Timing Technology with MEMS

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Disrupting a 70-year-old Timing Technology with MEMS
Thursday, April 11, 2024 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Shriram 104
Markus Lutz - SiTime
Abstract / Description: 

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This seminar will present an overview of the most recent technological advances in MEMS timing technologies, explaining the MEMS resonator material, process, and design advances. Key architectural features of programmable mixed-signal design and packaging used in the latest novel oscillators will be covered. In addition, internal signal metrics leading to the precision frequency output will be a part of the discussion. The achievements in precision timing references will be presented for two key products: 1) MEMS TCXO competing against quartz OCXOs and 2) the newly released first-in-its-class MEMS oven-controlled oscillator “Epoch.” Key performance parameters will be shared, focusing on how they excel in real-world applications.


CTO, Founder of SiTime. SiTime is the leader of MEMS based timing chips and oscillators disrupting a 100-year-old industry. Prolific entrepreneur and inventor with proven ideation to implementation experience in bringing multiple first in-kind MEMS technologies successfully to market. Mr. Lutz received his Diplom Ingenieur Elektrotechnik at the Technical University of Munich in 1992. He started his carrier at Robert Bosch GmbH in Reutlingen Germany where he invented and managed the development of Bosch’s and world’s first mass produced silicon-based MEMS gyroscope. In 1999 he joined the newly founded Research and Technology Center of Bosch in Palo Alto as MEMS Program Director. As visiting scholar at Stanford, he managed and established a highly respected research relationship between Bosch, Stanford and the MEMS community in the USA. Markus holds more than 110 patents, authored and co-authored 20+ publications.