2017 Headlights Workshop on Big Data, Diagnostic Devices and Bioelectric Interfaces in Medicine

Big Data, Diagnostic Devices and Bioelectric Interfaces in Medicine
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (All day)
Li Ka Shing Conference Center, Stanford University
Abstract / Description: 

The SystemX Workshop on Big Data, Diagnostic Devices and Bioelectric Interfaces in Medicine on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.  The workshop will be held on the campus of Stanford University at the Li Ka Shing Conference Center, with talks starting at 9:00am through a closing reception ending at 6:00pm.
There have never been greater opportunities for traditional engineering disciplines to contribute to the medical practices.  Jumping the chasm from the lab to a medical product, and then jumping again into an established clinical practice does not happen easily or often.    This workshop examines three promising areas of opportunity for this to happen in.

  • Harvesting and analyzing individual and collective health data to bring about better medical outcomes
  • Advances in diagnostic techniques and their supporting medical devices
  • Turning to the electrical control pathways in our body

We open the workshop with a keynote address from Dr. Brian Otis, CTO at Verily Life Sciences.  There will be 3 speakers in each of the topic areas, including from Stanford: Professors Stephen Quake, Russ Altman, Krishna Shenoy and Graham Creasey.   Additional speakers include: Dr. Allen Northrup (CEO of MIODx) and Dr. Gene Civilico (NIH, PM of SPARC).   
The day will conclude with a reception and a SystemX/Stanford student poster session.  The whole workshop is expected to be highly interactive, with ample opportunities to explore the implications of key ideas and technology trends, and to help mold the SystemX research perspective on important initiatives in Bio Interfacing.

Please contact us for more information.

Technical Program
9:00 Welcome Prof. Tom Soh / Prof. Shan Wang
9:15 Keynote - The Case of the Imperceptible Data Dr. Brian Otis (CTO, Verily) NA
Session: Emerging Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Chair: Prof. Tom Soh (Stanford)
10:15 Using Wearables and Big Data to Manage Health Prof. Mike Snyder (Stanford) NA
10:45 A Molecular Stethoscope Prof. Steve Quake (Stanford) NA
11:15 Companion Diagnostics for Immunotherapy: the Man Behind the Curtain Dr. Allen Northrup (CEO, MIODx)


Session: Opportunities in Data Sciences for Health Care
Chair: Prof. Shan Wang
1:00 Deep Learning for Biomedical Data Science Prof. James Zou (Stanford) NA
1:30 Leveraging Heterogeneity in Public Data for Precision Medicine Prof. Purvesh Khatri (Stanford) NA
2:00 Using Genomic information for Patient Specific Therapies Prof. Russ Altman (Stanford) NA
Session: Bioelectric Interfaces
Chair: Rick Bahr (Stanford)
3:00 Connecting Electronic Systems to Nervous Systems Prof. Graham Creasey (VA, Stanford) NA
3:30 Brain Machine Interfaces for People with Paralysis Prof. Krishna Shenoy (Stanford) NA
4:00 NIH SPARC: Plans and Stretch Goals in Biomedical Instrumentation and Open Data Science Dr. Gene Civilico (NIH) NA