SystemX Benefits and Participation Levels

Focus Area Research Creates coherent thrusts that maximize synergy among related projects X X Flow Chart
FMA (Fellow-Mentor-Advisor) Research for more individualized projects X X
Research Tokens: SystemX works with the company to identify a specific Focus Area or FMA research to be supported with a portion of their membership fee 2 1
Annual Plenary Meeting (Fall, includes access to all sessions and discussions) X X
Headlights Program Workshops (Winter/Spring) X X
Internship Program1 X X
SystemX Online Seminars X X
Audit other Focus Area meetings X  
On-site visits of faculty & students (Technology Research in Progress - TRIP) X  
Visiting Scholar:2 After the first two tokens included in a Full membership are designated, additional tokens can be used to support a Visiting Scholar. Up to a maximum of two of these additional tokens can be used for this purpose. All other tokens must be used to support Stanford research. X  
Discounted NMTRI membership X  
On campus engagement with Stanford graduate students including interviews and events X X
Cost of Membership (membership year is aligned with Stanford's academic year) $175,000 $100,000
Additional Token(s) can be added by Full Members to support an additional Focus Area(s), FMA(s), or a Visiting Scholar(s). $75,000/Token  

1 For graduate students interested in internship opportunities, please visit: the SystemX Internships.

2 Visiting Scholar: Short-term residencies in accordance with Stanford's Visiting Scholar Policies.

View Stanford policies for affiliate programs